Thursday, December 09, 2010

New All Tackle World Record Tuna!

It looks like the all tackle world record for yellowfin tuna has finally been broken - for those not familiar with the term, "all tackle" means the heaviest yellowfin ever taken on rod and reel by the rules laid down by I.G.F.A; in other words the  angler did it all by himself with no assistance with tackle approved to be sporting, by the governing body of fishing world records. The fish was caught in Mexico, of course, where the biggest yellowfin tuna in the world are found, off of Mag Bay by a 63 year old retired school administrator from Sunland, California. Captain Mike Lackey of the 80 ft Vagabond, knew the fish was big and using a special formula had taped the fish out and estimated it at 390 lbs. The fish took over three hours to boat on 100 lb test line and then was promptly frozen until they could get back to their home port of San Diego. The fish was greeted by a crowd of excited onlookers and registerd at 405.2 lbs on the scale, smashing the record of 388.12 lbs held since 1977, by a fish also caugth in Mexico, at the Revillagigedo Islands, which are now closed to sportfishing. We have seen the size of tuna increase off of Baja in the last two years, but this one is really outstanding and a great omen for the Mexico sportfishing industry. This fish has been submitted to I.G.F.A and the new record should be officially declared shortly.

The Whales Are Here!

Whales are starting to show up off of Cabo and Pisces boats are now all lined up with their whalewatching permits so we can fish in the morning and take you to see the whales in the afternoon, or arrange trips to suit you and your family. Laura Cera and family were visiting Cabo and came in to see about arranging a private trip to see whales. We told her whales were in the area but that we still weren't into peak whale season, so we couldn't guarantee they would see them. Neverthless she took a gamble and booked 28 ft Bandito and it paid off. Just look at this spectacular photo that Laura snapped of a humpback whale breaching off of the Cabo shore.