Friday, July 20, 2012

Doing Something Different in Cabo

Mary Beth and Nicholas Hazeldine are Brits that leave in Mallorca Spain. They have been fishing with Pisces for a few years now and made a trip to Cabo last month close to the G20 dates. They were having breakfast at Captain Tonys when we spotted them and asked them if they would like to join us for a last minute practice run for the First Ladies Cruise. We had the task of taking all the first ladies on a cruise during this important event. Protocol had to be observed, so we had to practice with real people, to see where each person would sit and stand and how the spaces worked aboard the beautiful 105 ft Sunseeker yacht "Polly" that forms part of our yacht division. So we caught Mary Beth and Nicholas off guard, slapped a sticker on them to represent Chile and the European Union and took them off to a little cruise to the arch aboard the luxury yacht. Judging by the pictures thought they didn't seem to mind too much.
Nicholas and Mary Beth, were pressed into volunteer service

They weren't the only ones, also in this line up, the manager of Squid Roe Billy, our in house legal council Patricia, Captain Jim Lilys wife Carolyn and Roberto from Pisces Real Estate amongst others.

Cruising on the beautifull yacht Polly