Saturday, May 10, 2014


This massive fish was shot by local Nathan Visser - the monster tipped the scales at 390 LBS, here is the story in Nathan's own words:
 "Got this cow in 45 feet of water about 30 miles north of Todos Santos on the Pacific.  It took 4 shots and 3 guys to bring him to the surface.  After I put the first spear in it dragged me and Roberto Contreras around for 10 minutes before Luis Espinosa could get close enough and take another shot.  Before he got back to the surface, my spear pulled out.  Roberto then went down with his gun and put the third shot in.  Meanwhile I reloaded my gun and went back down with my spear (which now had a broken/bent flopper) to put the 4th shot in it.  He then floated to the surface and it was over"