Friday, November 27, 2009

Fish Report Nov 19-25 th


Overall Catch Success Rate 99%

BILLFISH: Although the actual number of billfish caught this week was lower, because less boats went out the catch success rate was slightly higher, with fifty eight percent of charters catching billfish. Due to the warmer than normal weather we still have some blue marlin hanging around. The most impressive catch was on November 22nd aboard "La Brisa" a 31 ft Bertram, for Thomas Troclair from Lake Charles, Louisiana. They were fishing just four miles off of San Cristobal and were catching dorado, when the captain spotted something about 900 feet away that was eating dorado. The captain, Rey Winkler, yelled to deckhand Ernesto Alonso to throw a dorado to the huge fish he had seen. Not having time to rig it, Ernesto took one of the dorado they had already boated, quickly attached it over a lure that was already rigged to a 50 International that they had been trolling with and threw it out towards the huge shape they had seen. Five seconds later an enormous fish rocketed out of the water just fifteen feet behind the boat, having taken the dorado and lure all together. The angler, Thomas, pumped and sweated for a little over three hours before they could bring the large blue marlin boat-side, which taped out to 600 lbs –then they released it. From what the crew said it was a real "Old Man and the Sea" scenario and they were thrilled to have released the fish rather than kill it. We had one other blue marlin this week, but much smaller at 200 lbs released aboard "Andale" for Wes Knostman from Houston, who also got eight dorado. On November 22nd we had a couple of boats that released three striped marlin apiece "Rebecca" (another 31 ft Bertram) for Gerald Richmond from Islamorada Florida, who also caught three dorado. "Tracy Ann" another of our 31 ft Bertrams also released three striped marlin and boated three dorado for Robert and Sara Booms from Illinois. "Tracy Ann" had an exact repeat of this catch earlier in the week for David Palme and Charles Foster from Texas and again on the 25th for Cody Vickers from San Marcos, Texas. Catches were usually one marlin and between three and six dorado. Pisces anglers caught a total of 57 billfish this week consisting of 53 striped marlin, 2 blue marlin and 2 sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado continue to be the top catch in Cabo and this week ninety four percent of charters caught between one and twelve in the 15 to 30 lb class. The total count for this species was 361 fish. The dorado are hungry and taking anything; live bait, green colored lures, or petroleros. Found at Gaspareño, Pozo de Cota and as far as Golden Gate. Tuna catches were slow with just five boats finding this species. The boat that did best on this "Marea" went the opposite direction to the other boats and caught eleven at Cabeza de Ballena along with six dorado for Steffen Neumann from Los Angeles, Ca. Wahoo catches were pretty good this week, especially around Gaspareño; "Attitude Adjustment" caught three smallish ones plus six dorado for Ron Nichols from Houston, Texas. Some of the other wahoo caught were up to 45 lbs. A 55 lb mako shark was also caught as well as some roosterfish and skipjacks.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Mostly clear skies, calm seas.

LOCATION: Pacific, Old Lighthouse to Golden Gate, better spots Gaspareño and Pozo de Cota.


BEST LURES: Live caballito, green colored lures, petroleros.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg