Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Testimonial from Chris Miller

Hi Tracy,

Just a quick note to thank you, Ady, the crew of Valerie and the whole Pisces Team for a really memorable days fishing.
The preparations and organization was first class, with quick responses to my E-Mails and answers to the questions therein. For a client who was in Cabo for only 7 1/2 hours on a cruise ship, getting 6 1/2 hours on the water and almost 5 hours fishing in was a fantastic achievement.
Everything went smooth as clockwork, I was met within 10 minutes of getting to the cruise dock, the paperwork was all ready, 'Valerie' was waiting close by (no need to walk right round to her mooring) and 'she' was ready to go (bait, beer and gear all on board).
Now, about 'Valerie' and the crew. Firstly, thank you for the no cost upgrade. With time not on my side a fast boat to get me to 'Golden Gate' was essential and 'Valerie' delivered with a fast and comfortable ride. With my late start we were one of the last boats to get there but no bother, Capt Roberto put me straight on the fish with a lively 100lb Stripey hooked up within 20 minutes of arriving. A 25 minute fight later on 20lb Penn International stand-up gear and the fish was mine - a couple of quick photo's, a textbook release by deckhand Raymundo and my day was made.
3 good size Dorado and another stripey around 120lb (also released) completed the day - fantastic. Chasing and casting to 'tailing' marlin is something new to a (European) Atlantic angler who usually trolls lures or 'bait'n'switches' - reel good fun. I'll be back!!!
The crew really know their stuff and kept me right all day, all the tackle was top-notch and the boat was superb - ship shape and Bristol fashion as we say in the U.K.
Only 2 regrets;
1. I wish I had had more time. My best marlin day is 2 blues and my best day overall is 1 blue, 1 spearfish and 2 wahoo, so to get 5 fish is fantastic, another hour and I'm certain Capt Roberto would have got me that 3rd Marlin.
2. I wish I had taken my wife with me. She has always wanted to catch a Billfish but won't take on a big blue using heavy chair tackle. These stripeys however would be right up her street. (We have been trying to get her a spearfish for 10 years or so in the Canary Islands, but never get one when she is on the boat). Next time I'm in Cabo I'm going to book 2 or 3 days with you guys - and the wife is coming too, so watch out!!!!
To finish off, what a great day, what a great experience, what a great team. Thank you Pisces Sport fishing. I will be recommending you to my friends, clients and also the cruise line.

Chris M from the U.K.