Sunday, December 09, 2012

Biggest Yellowfin Tuna Caught on Rod and Reel 445 lbs

Thanks to Pete Thomas, for breaking the news on the new record tuna ...... of course in Mexican waters, at the Hurricane Bank, the spot where it just so happens we had our 60 ft Hatteras "Shambala" fishing  the same spot, the same day with our very own dockmaster Mario aboard along with captain TJ and Johnny and Stacie Powers......darn that fish could have been ours, but hey we are happy to see these kind of fish coming out of Mexico and getting the fishing world's spotlight focused here. The long range boat Excel pulled into Point Loma this Sunday morning and the scale dock registered 445 lbs, which is the largest tuna of this species caught by rod and reel. This will not qualify for a record though, as the deckhand did handle the rod briefly. Great fish and congratulations to John Petruescu for this magnificent fish caught on his first ever long range trip.


Overall Catch Success Rate 90.27%

BILLFISH: Marlin catches still a bit slow with 42% of the boats coming back with blue flags flying. Fish are getting closer to shore making the traveling time shorter and offering more time to actually fish, however, the full moon didn’t help, the crew and clients saw the billfish practically next to the boats but with their bellies full, they were not interested in taking the anglers bait. “Rebecca” released 3 striped marlin at the 11:50 spot for Gerald Richmond and John Mason from Florida, they also landed 4 25 lbs dorados. John decided to go by himself the next day again aboard the Rebecca, and he released 2 striped marlin, one pacific sailfish, landed 4 dorados and 5 yellowfin tunas. Rebecca again, this time with Stephen Price and Gary Crisp from Silverdale TX released 2 striped marlin and one pacific sailfish, they boated 3 white skipjacks (perfect for ceviche). “La Brisa” also released 2 stripeys and one sailfish for Vicky and Ross Haberman from New York, New york on December 6th, same day, “Bill Collector” released 3 striped marlin and landed 3 20 lbs dorados for Stan Pilinko from NYC, NY, Hal Williams from Albany, NY and Cliff D’Angelo from Orlando, FL. A total of 28 striped marlin and 4 pacifi sailfish were caught, all of them successfully released.

OTHER CATCHES: Dorado catches keep rising, almost 87% of the boats are catching at least one. Average size of 22.5 lbs. Most catches were of 3 or 4 per boat, with some really nice ones like the one of “Andrea” with 12 dorados for Torbjorn Svensson from Sweden, “Adriana” with 11 for Daniel Esparza’s party from California, “Ruthless” with 15 dorados gets the catch of the week award for Tim Wilson from Huntington Beach, CA. Only 3 boats caught yellowfin tuna this week, “Valerie” caught 10 of them, 2 white skipjack and released one sailfish for Larry Harrell from Gilette, WY.

LOCATION: 11:50 spot, GaspareƱo, Golden Gate.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear sunny sky.


BEST LURES: Caballito, dead ballyhoo.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro.