Friday, October 05, 2012

So What Do They Do With All That Fish?

Last weekend we reported a 722 lb blue marlin, that was caught aboard Pisces Attitude Adjustment. As our post read, the fish died after a two hour battle as the angler brought it to the boat for the umpteenth time. So what do you do with 722 lb's of fish? Well first of all by the time the fish is skinned, filleted, head and tail removed, the weight of the fish is reduced considerably. The anglers told us that they wanted none to go to waste, they took some fillets over to Captain Tony's to get them cooked and left the crew to distribute the rest. Now, crews and anglers cannot sell fish, caught on a sportfishing license, as the name implies it is not for commercial exploitation. Most of the fisherman here are related or are friends, so the crews were thrilled to receive pounds of fish and it was split up among many families. With the summer being on the slow side and not that many trips for a sizeable part of the Cabo fleet, this fish was received thankfully, packed carefully and frozen for a lot of families to enjoy for weeks to come. So just how far did that fish go? Well one of the sizeable fillets - see below- should feed 12 people, figure 8 fillets per side of the fish, 16 total, so 192 people and depending on the size of the portions perhaps a lot more.