Friday, July 13, 2012

Divers Are Safe!

Great news this morning, the five divers lost at sea yesterday are on-shore and safe. We have a more accurate picture this morning.  The group began their first dive amongst big swells and strong currents at Punta Gorda six miles offshore, close to San Jose Del Cabo, the captain of the dive boat soon lost sight of them and reported them missing at 11.00 am, which is when the intense search began. Unfortunately there were no aircraft available for search and rescue - they were scheduled to arrive today, but will not be required now.

The group stayed together and swam for fourteen hours, into the early morning hours of today, Friday, thankfully in warm water. Some sources say the group managed to swim to shore and this is still unclear at this stage, but this is what we heard on the radio. The group was led by Rene Marin, (Mexican) divemaster, a German woman who resides in Los Cabos, Lucia Maron who is hospitalized suffering from severe sunburn, British tourists Michael Kiernan (father) and Dan Kiernan (son) and Australian, Neil Monroe are exhausted and resting at their hotels. Great news for the divers, their families and Los Cabos as a tourist destination.