Sunday, February 06, 2011

Giant Squid Kill Fishermen in Loreto! (Not True)

We were in hurry this morning on our way out when we got this story sent to us. We took a glance and thought wow, that's big, but didn't take time to see where it came from. So it wasn't until later in the day that we realized this was a hoax, especially after checking with sources in the area (thanks Robin).
Anyway, it makes for good reading so here it is.......

LORETO, Mexico — A pack of giant squid capsized a fishing boat in the Sea of Cortés yesterday, killing seven fishermen.
The band of sea creatures attacked the boat as it was returning to shore, creating a gruesome spectacle for late afternoon beach-goers.
“I saw four or five bodies wash up on the shore. They were totally black and blue all over. They looked like they had been attacked by monster suction cups,” reported Timmy Irwin, a surfer visiting from San Francisco.
Witnesses say the lone survivor was barely recognizable after being dragged from the boat and chewed by several of the giant squid.
Marine biologists rushed to the scene hoping to catch at least one of the squid. Dr. Luis Santiago of the Universidad Autónoma Baja California Sur explained, “We captured one of the attackers. She is female and we believe most of the pack to be female because of their size. We also believe they coordinated the attack by using pigment cells to communicate, which is very typical in a situation like this. I’m afraid we may be seeing more of these attacks in the coming years, and possibly forever.
“Beaches in the area are closed indefinitely, and fishing boats are banned from heading out to sea until authorities can determine a squid-free safety zone.
Locals, who refer to the giant squid as “diablos rojos” – red devils, report that the legendary sea creatures have become more aggressive over the last few years. Marine biologists fear that the trend will continue because of the diminishing number of fish in their tropical hunting waters

Fish Report Jan 29th to Feb 4th, 2011

January 29th to February 4th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 80.58%

BILLFISH: We are starting to see a gradual increase on marlin present in the area and the billfish action began to show towards the end of the week, but we are still not up to the numbers we expect at this time of year. There were a couple of skunks but most boats at least saw marlin and even the occasional swordfish; but finding the hungry ones was the real task. Nevertheless billfish catches are steady with seventeen percent of our boats releasing striped marlin. On January 3rd “Valerie” was the envy on the dock, when they returned with marlin flags flying for Gregory Lien and friends from Maple Grove, MN, who had released three striped marlin. The fish they found took a combination of live bait and lures fifteen miles out from the 180 spot. The fish released by “Valerie” were between 110 to 140 lbs approximately. The following day, Ken Ballentine and Johnny Barbour from Scotland released two stripers aboard “Ruthless” about the same size, but they found their fish on the Pacific at Moros Prietos spot, ten to fifteen miles out. These guys also did well to catch three yellow fin tuna and one dorado, making for one of the best catches of the week overall. On the 1st, “La Brisa” had a double marlin day for Scott Meneer and Scott Wilson from Scotland (lots of Scots involved in this) the fish took live caballito, one of them at Herradura and the second only two miles from Cerro Blanco. This same day, “Tracy Ann” released one striper for the other half of the group from Scotland seventeen miles from Cerro Blanco as well as boating one dorado and two skipjacks. We are thrilled that the group from Scotland is doing so well, this trip was over a year in the planning and then the fishing dropped off making us a little nervous, with the group coming from so far. However they forged ahead with their plans and have not been disappointed, not only with the fishing but also with the weather which couldn’t be more different to Scotland at present. On the 30th, Ken Koch from Santa Maria, CA released one striped marlin estimated at150 lbs aboard “Adriana” eight miles out from the 95 spot.

OTHER SPECIES: We had some dorado this week, with twenty five percent of our boats catching one or two fish. On the 31st, Dale Darmante from New York City, NY caught two dorado – one released and the other at 35 lbs. They fished aboard “La Brisa” and also boated one tuna; the fish took lures. On the 2nd, Noman Scott and Brian Wright from Scotland caught a nice 35 lbs dorado aboard “Tracy Ann” twenty seven miles out from the 150 spot. Yellow fin tuna are in the same area- straight out a ways offshore, though some were found closer, giving us a catch rate of thirty one percent for this species, with catches ranging from one to fourteen fish, most of them football size. The best day was on the 29th, “C-Rod” again this week was the top tuna boat with a total catch of fourteen tuna between 10 to 30 lbs for Duncan and Kathy Clark from Delaplane, Virginia; the fish took a combination of lures thirty miles straight out southwest from Cabo. “Valerie” was in second place with twelve tuna, football size, for our friend Chic Mc Sherry from Scotland; they went to the same spot. “La Brisa” also did well boating nine tuna for Todd Mabry and Denise Jones from South Whitley, Indiana; the fish took cedar plugs and petrolero lures. (We are considering re-naming the fish report this week, to the Scottish abroad fishing report).

As to other species, sierra catches were good inshore, with twenty percent of our boats catching between four to twenty fish. On the 2nd, Scott Meneer and Ian Wilson from Scotland focused on this species aboard “La Brisa”, catching twenty sierras, good sizes mostly 10 pounders, seventeen bonitas and also released two rooster fish at Elias Calles, all on light tackle. On the 3rd, John and Tracy Carlyle from Spring, TX went fishing aboard a super panga and caught four 10 lbs sierra, two bonita and one skip jack. Tracy came to the office the next day and told us they had a great time not only fishing but getting to have a close up encounter with whales…..we will be looking forward to them sharing the pictures with us.

Inshore we also had roosterfish, skipjacks, lady fish and many bonitas

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, some windy days. Mostly calm seas with a few choppy days. Cool weather.

LOCATION: Pacific Side – Cabeza Ballena, Migriño, 180 spot, Cerro Blanco, Elias Calles, Gaspareño, 150 Spot, Herradura, Pozo Cota, Los Arcos, Old Lighthouse

Sea of Cortez - 95 Spot, 11;50 spot,


BEST LURES; Cedar plugs, tigrillo, rapalas, hoochis, petrolero, green/yellow, red/black, green/blue, purple, feathers,

Live caballito, ballyhoos.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.

Chic McSherry from Glasgow Scotland had a fabulous day on Valerie. Chic pictured here without the shirt
Shown with Captain Roberto Sandez and Deckhands Rosend and Ernesto. Chic ended up with 17 tuna up to 40 lbs
and commented what a fantastic day on the water he had, more than anything to the rapport with the crew who he considers his pals.