Wednesday, October 07, 2015

White Marlin in Cabo - The Scientists Respond

The mystery on white marlin in Cabo continues... We sent photos to the fisheries scientists of some of the small unidentified billfish being caught in Cabo in the last week - some captains swear they are white marlin, others spearfish, others juvenile stripers - however, after looking at the photos they say they are NOT striped marlin. The one the top photo was released aboard Tracy Ann, the one of the bottom is a picture sent to us from another fleet. Scientists are planning a trip down to Cabo in the next few days.  We will keep you posted.

White Marlin in Cabo - The Mystery Continues

The mystery about white marlin in Cabo (we wrote about it here) continues..... other opinions about the so called "white" marlin are "hatchet marlin" volunteered by WON Tuna Tournament weigh master Mike Packard and long bill spearfish, which we think it could be - both are plausible and yes there is such a thing as a hatchet marlin and long bill spearfish, but they are also supposed to be in the Atlantic.  I guess we have to ask the scientists?  What do you think, please research and post your comments.  We found this link useful.

Very Rare White Marlin Spotted in Cabo?

Captain Julio Castro of the Pisces Tracy Ann, says this is the 3rd fish he has caught like this in 31 years, locally they call these white marlin, but are they? This species is only supposed to occur in the Atlantic, so what do you think? Is it a white marlin or a juvenile striped marlin?

Yesterday Andrew and Paul from Charleston were two lucky anglers with an amazing fishing day aboard Tracy Ann! They caught and released a very rare “WHITE MARLIN” (60-70 lbs)- in fact it is so rare, that our captain Julio Castro says that it’s his 3rd wh...ite marlin in all of his 31 years as a fisherman - and man he has been fishing a lot!

It was the first white marlin for our deckhand Martin and for Andrew and Paul. 

They tagged the fish under the Gray Fish Tag program and we'll follow up on the story with more info from our anglers, so stay tuned! 

Just to mention that Andrew & Paul didn't stop with 'only' a white marlin - they caught and released 2 blue marlin (200-210 lbs) and 1 striped marlin (180-190 lbs), and they kept three yellowfin tunas for a well-deserved dinner! 

The marlin took live caballito, and their lucky fishing spot was 42 miles outside of  the Cerro. 

What an amazing day, great job team!