Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Fish Report Update Sept 10 to 16th

Overall Catch Success Rate 95.6%

BILLFISH: Happy Independence Day Mexico!  We celebrated this week with a great report, 95.6% overall success rate. The water temperature raised a little bit making it hard to find Billfish, we didn’t see any Striped Marlin but we caught some Blue marlins and Sailfish. “Andrea” caught a 200 lbs Blue marlin and released a very decent Sailfish estimated at 100 lbs for Lewis Akin and Richard Grounnof from Cleveland, TX. Same day “Attitude Adjutment” released a 110 lbs Sailfish and landed 4 Dorados for Warren Chapman from San Mateo, CA. Laura Jones from Cleveland TX released a 190 lbs Blue marlin aboard the “Andrea” two awesome days for the Akin Party aboard the Andrea. On the 15th, everyone but “La Brisa” was back at the dock, nice day for Yellow fin tuna and dorado but no billfish, around 4pm the captain called in to report, 3 young ladies were fighting for a Blue marlin for 4 hours already, when they finally got it next to the boat, they released him and kept a 30 lbs tuna for lunch. The Blue marlin was estimated at 360 lbs, anglers were Cassie Rodgers from Tacoma, WA, Cass Andersen from Riverfalls, WI, and Amanda Hirsch from Maplewood, MN. A total of 5 billfish were caught, 4 were released.

Cassie Rodgers, Cass Andersen & Amanda Hirsch with their Release Certificates.

OTHER SPECIES: This week was better for Dorado with a 60% success rate, average weight ranged from 30 to 45 lbs. Yellowfin tuna dropped from 65% to 54 % this week, weight ranged from 10 to 35 lbs. “Attitude Adjustment” caught 2 very nice size Wahoos, 40 and 45 lbs each for Brooke Burge from Melbourne, FL and the “Falcon” caught the third and last of the week for Gary Harvey from Commerce, TX. If you didn’t know, Wahoo is considered the most delicious fish to eat.

LOCATION: Jaime Bank, Golden Gate, Los Arcos.



BEST LURES: Green petroleros, caballito.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro