Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week's Fish Report

JULY 7th to 13th, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate All Species 92%
Raquel Almada from Cabo San Lucas, Relased this big striped marlin aboard Rebecca on July 10th, deckhand Luis Cota is shown on the right.
BILLFISH: We had an active week with lots of action but mostly on tuna; nevertheless we saw a strong start to the summer season with a flurry of sailfish catches. There is no doubt that summer is here with blistering heat nearly every day, but we are not complaining as we know it signals good catches will be coming up. Some of the best catches were during some of the roughest seas of the week, on July 10th when boats headed to the Herradura  “Ruthless” released two striped marlin on “jurelito”  and caught four yellow fin tuna for Josh Campbell from Kamloops, Canada and this same day Rebecca Ehrenberg and friends from Mexico City and Cabo, fished her namesake boat “Rebecca” and ended up having one of our best catches of the week, releasing two striped marlin, including a first time billfish for Pablo Bauche and eleven yellowfin tuna, going the opposite direction to the other boats and fishing between six and twenty miles off of the Old Lighthouse on the Pacific. “Rebecca” also did well on July 9th, for Peter Downie and friends from Singapore, releasing a small sailfish, but boating five tuna and an enviable 45 lb wahoo.  Daniel Malloy from Dallas fished “Ruthless” earlier in the week and did very well to release a mid-size sailfish, a striped marlin and boats five tuna at the 11.50 spot. Striped marlin are currently still the number on billfish catch in Cabo but we should start to see a few blues mixed in here and there as we progress into summer. Pisces anglers caught a total of twenty billfish, consisting of 15 striped marlin and 5 sailfish. Fifty percent of boats caught billfish.
Anneka Ehrenberg from Mexico City with her first ever tuna aboard Rebecca on July 10th
OTHER SPECIES:  Yellow fin tuna edged out striped marlin catches this week with sixty percent of boats hooking up to football size fish. However, when found good numbers were generally caught with boats landing from one to fourteen fish. They were spread out but the boats headed to the Herradura for several days, resulting in good catches. “Cabolero” had an excellent day on July 12th catching our second wahoo of the week for John Lindahl from Island City, Tennessee; he also released a striped marlin and boated four tuna. “Rebecca” was the hot boat this week, proving the skill of the crew again on July 7th for Ed and Justin Barringer from Ohio, who ended up with a lot of fish, ten tuna, five dorado and a striped marlin released thirty miles out from the 11.50 spot. Now we know that the limit is two dorado per angler to boat (release as many as you like), but our captains and mates also have licenses meaning the quota can be higher if the anglers want to boat a few more fish. The dorado were generally small to medium size and catches were seldom more than one or two fish. Twenty four percent of boats caught dorado this week. Our total tuna count was 150 fish, overwhelming out total dorado count of 15 fish. Boats fished offshore so we don’t have much to report inshore except a couple of roosterfish up to 20 lbs  on a half day trip by “La Brisa” as well a few skipjack.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Hot, some cloud cover, seas rough to moderate.
LOCATION: Mostly Cortez side, Herradura, El Tule, 11.50 spot, Old Lighthouse.
BEST LURES: Caballito and Jurelito for striped marlin and sailfish, thought he odd one took a lure, tuna liked cedar plugs, dorado green and orange lures.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg