Saturday, September 06, 2008

Thank you for my release certificate


Thank you for sending me my Release Certificate!

I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the weekly fishing report that you wrote for the week beginning July 23, 2008 and ending August 30, 2008. Lisette and I were so busy when we returned from our trip to Cabo that by the time we checked your web site, you had already posted the fishing report for the week beginning August 31, 2008.

We had another great time fishing with the Pisces team and we look forward to our next visit to Cabo and again fishing with the Pisces team. I referred my friend, David Pincus, to fish with Pisces and he had a great experience fishing on the Rebecca and the Andrea. Thank you!

Fish-em and Release-em!

Best regards,

Alan Barton

Houston, TX

Our good friend Mike Vise

Hola Juan como estas? Well I made it home alive and with all the fish! Thank you and everybody at pisces for the good times and great fishing. I guess I will have to catch a bunch of those stupid marlin to make the fishing report but thats ok I love the dorado.. Thank you again and I am sending a picture of 1 of the bigger dorados from the last day. Oh yeah dont fall in the water! ha ha

Mike Vise, Sacramento CA.

September 4th Fish Report

We can’t wait until next week to update you on the fishing, so here is thursday's report. As you can see absolutely fabulous fishing….stop thinking about it and book a trip. Have a great day….the Pisces gang.