Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fishing news : June 27th

Here is a nice picture from today of Eric Neason and Scott Pharr from Texas, they released two striped marlin and caught five yellow fin tunas between 15 to 35 Lbs aboard “Rebecca”

Fishing news

Clark Weiss and Tadan Gaston, with one of two striped marling caught and released on Saturday, June 26th. aboard "Ruthless"
They also caught a yellowfin tuna for dinner!

Stars & Stripes Tournament

The Stars and Stripes Tournament took place last night, now in it’s fourteenth year, this event is also known as “The Feel Good Tournament” as people don’t compete to win stuff, but rather to give it away, especially need children. One of the main beneficiaries of this tournament is Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Orange County. The event came to an end last night, with a concert on the beach of the World Class Rockers, featuring artists from the bands of The Eagles (who of course sang Hotel California), Santana, Steppenwolf, Journey, Toto and Lynard Skynard…during the three day event over $1.8 million dollars was raised.

Five of our boats participated in this tournament and these were their results.

- “Rebecca” released two striped marlin

- “Valerie” released one striped marlin, caught two 20 lbs dorado and one yellow fin tuna.

- The Rasmussen family from Valencia, Ca released five striped marlin aboard “C- Rod”

- Gustavo Taeisen caught two yellow fin tunas aboard “Fearless”

- Kent Valley released two striped marlin aboard “Andale”

Great weekend for fishing!

Looks like the warm water started to show some good results

June 25th

The aptly named Fisher family from Milwaukie, Oregon, caught six nice yellow fin tuna and released one striped marlin aboard “Andrea” yesterday.

Gerald Smith from Lake Geneva, WI, on his third day out aboard “Ruthless” released one striped marlin, caught two yellowfin tunas and one 30 lbs Dorado.

Ed Dowling from Castle Rock, CO caught three yellow fin tunas between 10 to 20 lbs and released one striped marlin aboard “Bill collector”

Christina Savage and gave husband Chris, a nice birthday present with two days of great fishing …..aboard “Great Escape Jr.” - had a double header on wahoo that weighed 40 to 50 lbs.

As if this wasn’t enough they then out with captain Julio aboard “Bill collector” and caught eighteen yellow fin tunas (15 to 30 lbs) and one nice 30 lbs Dorado! Good job!