Sunday, November 06, 2011

Here's The Weekly Fish Report

October 29th to November 3rd, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate for All Species Combined: 96%

BILLFISH: This week billfish did not seem to be the main target as boats loaded up on abundant catches of dorado and yellowfin tuna in preparation for the Western Outdoor News Jackpot Tuna tournament. Nevertheless some boats did find marlin and sailfish. On the last day of the month “Ruthless” with captain Leon & deckhand Beto, guided Robert and Janna Maddox from Dallas, Texas to the right spot, MigriƱo and Pozo Cota and got them hooked up to two sailfish as well as fifteen dorado. This same day “Cabolero” fished a little further up the coast at Golden Gate with John Beekman & Ron Zutz from Red Deer, Alberta on board who did extremely well to catch and release a striped marlin each and seventeen dorado. Next day out it was “La Brisa’s” turn with a sailfish and striped marlin released as well as two dorado boated at Los Arcos for the Mercier group from Punta Gorda, Florida. Just eighteen percent of boats caught billfish this week, which is pretty low for Cabo; however we have received reports from boats coming down from San Diego of huge amounts of striped marlin at Mag Bay, which is a good indicator for the marlin bite to take off here in Cabo soon. Pisces anglers caught seven striped marlin and three sailfish, all released.

Janna Maddox from Dallas,  shows off her sailfish before safely releasing it.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado have been thick off of Cabo for the past couple of weeks but have now begin to peter out or have moved elsewhere, nevertheless catches were such that we ended up with 209 total with sixty eight percent of our boats catching between one and seventeen fish in the 15 to 25 lb class. It should be pointed out that many of the dorado are being released. Tuna catches were not far behind with our boats landing a total of 199 fish from 18 to 180 lbs, with the largest being caught aboard
This dorado took a guacamaya lure.
“Cabolero” by the guys mentioned above from Red Deer. Catches varied from three to twenty fish per boat. Wahoo were scarce with just a 35 lb’er caught. Inshore we had a few roosters and needle fish.
Robert Maddox from Dallas, hoists his dorado aloft for a photo
LOCATION: Everything is on the Pacific right now from the Old Lighthouse to Golden Gate.


LIVE BAIT: Mullet was available as well as ballyhoo and boats used a combination of live bait, dead bait and lures, which worked equally well. Lure colors that were popular were green, guacamaya, orange and black.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg