Sunday, November 28, 2010

Landmark For Our Blog - 100,000 Visitors!

Today was a landmark for our blog as we reached 100,000 (one hundred thousand) visitors.  We just want to say thank you, for reading this and supporting us in bringing you the latest fishing news and of course most importantly we thank you, our clients and friends who send us  such fantastic letters and photos which encourage and motivate us all at Pisces. So drop us a line and let us know what you would like to see more of, or less of  again THANK YOU.

Latest Fish Report

November 19th to 25th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 91.80%

BILLFISH: This week saw a slight decrease on billfish catches as a beautiful, huge full moon was present during this period, causing marlin to gorge themselves during the nighttime hours and be less hungry during the day. Added to this was a lack of live bait. Nevertheless seventy percent of our boats caught billfish, consisting almost exclusively of striped marlin. One of the best days was November 21st when “Tracy Ann” with a group from Houston, Texas aboard, released six striped marlin at Los Arcos on the Pacific side. The next day, Andrea & Jim Shilston from Daphne, Alabama fishing with their friends, matched this catch by also releasing six marlin aboard, this time aboard the 61ft Viking “El Gallo” with Captain Nayo Winkler. November 25th saw “Tracy Ann” again the hot boat, loading up with another six stripers, released this time for the Hom family from Bellevue, WA; all of their fish took live bait. Thanksgiving Day proved to be good for “Rebecca” with our friend and longtime client Gerald Richmond from Key Largo, Florida aboard, who managed to release five striped marlin, plus boat a dorado. Earlier in the week “Rebecca” and her crew had proved themselves by releasing five striped marlin for Charlie & Charlotte Grindstaff from Friendswood, TX at Los Arcos. It seems Texans are very lucky when it comes to fishing as Dieter Thompson & friends who come from Colleyville, TX released four striped marlin aboard the 60 ft Hatteras, “Shambala” as well as boating four dorado to take home. At the beginning of the week, Ian McDonald and John Ramsey from Scotland concentrated inshore, aboard the 22ft Panga “Sirius” and were very lucky to release a sailfish as well as to release four roosterfish and boat a 25 lb dorado off of the Old Lighthouse (Cabo Falso). Pisces anglers released a total of 116 striped marlin and 1 sailfish this week.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado was the second most abundant species this week with forty two percent of boats catching between one to seven fish, with a total of 64 fish caught. The best day was on the 25th aboard “Bandito” for Jeff Snider and Tim Lorenzo from Eureka, CA with seven dorado caught 18 miles out from Cerro Blanco; the fish took lures of all colors. On the 19th Stuart Lee and Valerie Keck from Grand Coulee, WA did well to catch six dorado in the 35 lbs class as well as releasing two striped marlin aboard “Ruthless”; an enviable day. Jerome & Jed Fisher with an apt name did well with friends Scott Shier & Bob Barbosa, from Anaheim. Ca. fishing on “Valerie” & “Andrea”, they caught five dorado between 20 to 35 lbs aboard at Migriño as well two 40 lbs fish, which took tigrillo lures and went on to release three striped marlin. One other large dorado, al little over 40 lbs, were taken by Richard Holestine from Washington at Elias Calles. Tuna catches are slow but we did see some improvement with catches registered of one to eighteen fish for some boats. “Cabolero” did very well on the 23rd for Francis Saltalamacchia and Brian Trasidder from Saratoga, FL boating eighteen yellow fin tuna between 15 to 25 lbs. The fish took cedar plugs and blue/white lures. On the 25th “Cabolero” hit the tuna again, this time for John & Karen Beech from Boca Raton, FL with a total of fifteen football size yellow fin ten miles out from the Old Lighthouse. This same day “C-Rod” caught a few for Cathy Trung and friends who boated eight yellow fin tuna, one dorado and released one striped marlin. The yellow fin tuna caught this week were mostly football size, with the largest being a 40 lb’er aboard “Ruthless”, for Stewart Keck who also released a striped marlin. Wahoo catches were quite good. On November 24th “La Brisa” had Michael Smith from Montebello, NY aboard when they boated a 50 lb wahoo and released a striped marlin, a dorado and a yellowtail. “No Big Deal” caught two 40 lbs wahoo for Kim and Mike Brastad from Kansas City, KS as well as three dorado.

Inshore we had catches of roosters, Spanish mackerel, yellowtail and jack crevalle.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, seas mostly calm, though there were some whitecaps close to Cabo on the Pacific a couple of days on windy days

LOCATION: Pacific Side - Golden Gate, Lighthouse, Los Arcos, Migriño, Gaspareño, La Ballena, Pozo Cota, Elias Calles, Margaritas, Cerro Blanco, Cerro de Arena, Old light house, 150 spot


BEST LURES; Cedar plugs, tigrillo, petrolero, green, red/black, green/yellow, guacamayo, huchis, pink, purple, feathers, all colors, red/black, blue/white

Live mackerel, caballito, ballyhoo, sardines

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.