Sunday, July 11, 2010

Latest Fish Report

July 1st to 7th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 91%

BILLFISH: The weather has really started to heat up here in Cabo; still it is nowhere near as hot as it should be at least not on the Pacific side. The Sea of Cortez though, is another question, where it has been in the 90’s and is also where most of the fish are being caught. It seems like the marlin bite has finally stabilized and this week, striped marlin were the number one catch in Cabo. As we close this report, blue marlin are showing up, with “Valerie” getting one close to 300 lbs and “La Brisa” releasing another. “Falcon” had a great, varied day at the start of the week, with a striped marlin released, a 40 lb wahoo landed and six tuna boated for Jim Corocoran & Ann Frisnguer from Madison, Wisconsin at the 11.50 spot. On July 4th “Tracy Ann” fished just four miles out from Cabo Del Sol and managed to release four striped marlin, all on live caballito for Shellly, Scott & Jeffery Davinos from Boship Ridge, New Jersey. A couple of days later, “Andrea” matched this catch, also releasing four marlin and boating three tuna, just out from the 11.50 spot for British angler David Brown, from Barnsley. Seventy percent of boats caught marlin and catches were common of one or two fish plus some small game. Pisces anglers caught a total of thirty seven striped marlin with all but two released, plus two blues released.

OTHER SPECIES: After marlin, yellow fin tuna were the most likely catch, with thirty five percent of boats catching between one and seven fish. Most were football size between 12 and 25 lbs, with cedar plugs being the most effective lure. Dorado catches were at eighteen percent with catches of between one and five fish, when found. “C Rod” did very well on July 2nd, when they caught five dorado as well as releasing two striped marlin, just three miles from Cabeza de Ballena for Mark Walsh and Michael Gilmour from Mosmar Park, Washington. The odd wahoo here and there up to 45 lbs. Boats fishing inshore encountered sierra in good numbers, some roosterfish, jack crevalle and skipjacks.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: The strong winds have started to die on the Pacific meaning boats can finally fish there again, but many are not bothering as it has been great on the Cortez side between Cabeza de Ballena and Redhill. Seas calm on the Sea of Cortez but with a big swell early in the report.

LOCATION: Cabo Del Sol, 11.50 spot, Cabeza de Ballena,…..Tracy Ann released a striped marlin just 500 meters from shore here, Chileno, Red Hill.


BEST LURES: Live caballito or mullet for marlin (mackerel was scarce), cedar plugs, hoochis, petrolero, red/black.

Based on the catches of Pisces By Tracy Ehrenberg

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