Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Latest Fish Report

Pisces Fish Report

August 21st to 27th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 100%

BILLFISH: Even though we had a tropical storm below us, we only had some clouds, hot weather and everybody catching fish. One of the best days for billfish was on the 21st for Tommy and Lynnete Naler from Northglenn, Colorado, releasing one striped marlin and one sailfish just outside the Golden Gate area on the Pacific; they also caught a 100 lb yellow fin tuna and a 30 lbs dorado aboard “Andrea”. This same day Angelo Neos from White Stone, NY released two striped marlin also at the Golden Gate one on a live bait and the other on a blue/pink lure aboard “La Brisa”. The only blue marlin released this week was on the 27th estimated at 200 lbs and hooked seven miles off of the Old Lighthouse, aboard “Valerie” for Ben and Kiss Hill from Tyler, Texas. The billfish catches were slower this week, perhaps due to the full moon we had mid-week, meaning that the fish had an opportunity to feed all night and not be as hungry during the daytime. Forty two percent of our charters caught billfish, giving small game to be the star this week. Pisces anglers caught 8 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin and two sailfish this week……catches could have been higher, as the fish are there, but being August there are not many anglers in town, hence less boats going out.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were number one for us this week with fifty four percent of our boats catching between one to twenty four fish. On the 24th the boats found a ton of Dorado at 10 miles out from Golden Gate. Father and son, Christopher and Louis Tudico from Erie, PA released eighteen dorado and kept six between 20 to 45 lbs; all caught with caballito live bait aboard “Andrea”. This same day, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, Kevin and Wendy Otten from Albuquerque, New Mexico boated twelve dorado between 20 to 45 lbs at the same spot. On the 25th Sean Heyes and family from Durban, South Africa went out on “Bill Collector” and caught eight dorado, releasing five small ones and keeping three between 30 to 40 lbs for dinner. Dean Heyes also caught a pilot shark and a 25 lb jack crevalle. Heather and Matthew Adamson from Midlothian, Texas did a good aboard “Ruthless” boating four dorados between 20 to 35 lbs and 35 lbs wahoo caught with green/yellow and tigrillo lures on the 26th.

Tuna catches increased with twenty nine percent of our boats catching between one and nine fish. Sizes ranged from football size tuna 15 to 25 lbs all the way up to 100 pounders like the one mentioned above”. On the 23rd, Mike Lichtenberger and friends from Connecticut had some action catching nine yellow fin tunas aboard “El Gallo” with Captain Nayo Winkler at the Iman on the Cortez side; all took sardines. The next day, Kevin Hart and Megan Sorokas caught six yellow fin tuna on cedar plugs at Punta Gorda; they also released a striped marlin aboard “Bill Collector”. Sean Heyes fished one more day, this time on “Bill Collector” and boated six tunas between 35 to 40 lbs on sardines, plus one wahoo and a roosterfish at Destiladeras. On the 27th Matt Bailey from Rodford, Michigan shared the “Andrea” with Brian and Militia Earl from Salt Lake City, Utah catching good sized tuna, 60 and 80 lbs on yellow/green lures at the Herradura spot.

The other fish caught were three sharks- one hammerhead, a pilot shark and a mako.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: A mix of sunny hot days with some cloudy and humidity due to the tropical storm. Rough seas a couple of days but everything is back to normal

LOCATION: Sea of Cortez: 95 spot, Herradura, Punta Gorda, Destiladeras, Iman. Pacific Side: Golden Gate, Finger Bank, Faro Viejo, Jaime Banks, Margaritas, Elias Calles


BEST LURES; Tigrillo, feathers, purple, squid colors, cedar plugs, blue/pink, red/black, blue/white, green/red, green/yellow, ballyhoo, guacamaya (orange/green/yellow). For live bait was caballito and sardine

Based on the catches of Ale Almada in Tracy’s absence.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kearns Family Thank You Letter

Just a quick email to thank Pisces very much for 3 excellent days fishing especially the last marlin day. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Cabo. I have attached a few of our pictures for you and we look forward to seeing you all in two years!!

Thanks again

The Kearns Family
Shropshire, England

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fishing news: Aug 27

Despite rough seas due to tropical weather down below us, it did not stop the boats going out and catching fish!

Christian Sandoval from Encinitas California caught this beautiful wahoo which weighted 75 lbs and was 64 inches long aboard “Cabolero”

This same day, Matt Bailey from Redford, MI and Brian & Militia Earl from Salt Lake City, UT shared the 28ft “Andrea” and caught a 60 and 80 lbs yellow fin tuna at the Herradura on the Cortez side.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Latest Fish Report

Pisces Fish Report

August 12th to 20th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 88.4%

BILLFISH: The Pacific side has been the top fishing location as the last couple days our boats have returned with nice catches from that area. One of the best days was on the 19th for the charming Kearns family, from Shropshire, England who fished several days aboard “Rebecca” The 19th was their last day of fishing with us and they were thrilled to release a total of five striped marlin at Gaspareño; they also released a 250 lb blue marlin and a striped marlin on the 14th. “Andrea” had two triple marlin days, one on the 18th for father and son, Randy and Randy Stricklind Jr from Hitchcock, TX at the 180 spot and the other anglers were Paul Robinson, Karmina Mijica and Adam Weber from Los Angeles, CA who had an active day on the 20th releasing three striped marlin at the Golden Gate and boating five dorado and five football size yellow fin tunas. This same day “Rebecca” released three striped marlin between 130 to 200 lbs and kept three yellow fin tuna and three good size dorado in the 35 to 40 lbs class, just above of the Golden Gate area for Robert Lindquist and Lindsay Dralle from Washington, DC – a perfect catch marlin and then lots of great table fish. “C- Rod” was the top boat with most blue marlin catches and they are obviously on a roll, with five out of the eight caught this week attributed to this boat. The biggest blue they caught was released on the 15th and estimated at 700-800 lbs, hooked 18 miles out from La Playita, for Mike Slover and wife Ginger from Austin, Tx who were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. After a five hour fight, the blue marlin won and jumped a final time, snapping the line and took off. One day before this David Amesbury and friends from Las Vegas, NV also had a great day releasing three blue marlin caught with a cigarillo lure (yellow underside, orange with black striped on top) at the 11:50 Spot and also caught one dorado. The billfish catches are consistent, as they are similar from the past fish report with seventy percent of our charters catching billfish giving us a total of 35 striped marlin, 8 blue marlin and 1 sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were in second place after marlin this week with fifty three percent of boats catching between one and six fish, with some as large as 55 lbs, like the one caught on “Valerie” on a squid color lure and also 50 lbs caught with live bait for Jennifer George and Charles Ramsey from Birmingham, Alabama on the 12th. Most of them were around 35 lbs average and took tigrillo and guacamayo lures; the boats that caught more than two fish were on the pacific side at Gaspareño, Golden Gate, Migriño and even the Finger Banks. Tuna catches were a little slow this week, but we had good size hook ups, like on the 13th for the Amesbury group mentioned above aboard “C-Rod” who boated a 130 lbs yellow fin twenty seven miles out of Cerro Blanco on cedar plugs. The next day “Valerie” caught a 100 lb tuna also on a cedar plug at the 11:50 Spot for Shane Sauman and Terry Cashion from Knoxville, TN and friend Dan Moore from Florida. Only twelve percent of our boats catch yellow fin tuna. Some 40 lbs wahoo here and there like the one caught on 20th on “Yahoo” for Michael and Michelle Fennegan from Texas who also caught four dorado at Elias Calles; all took guacamayo and green and black lures. Ginger Slover was the only angler who caught a different fish, with a 128 lbs pilot shark on the 15th.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: A mix of sunny hot days with some cloudy and humidity. More calm seas at the Pacific meaning boats can finally fish there again, but many are not bothering to go at Sea of Cortez as is still good fishing between the 95 and 11:50 Spot. Seas calm on the Sea of Cortez but with a big swell early in the report with a little rain one day

LOCATION: Sea of Cortez: 95 spot, 11.50 spot, Cerro Blanco. Pacific Side: Gaspareño, Finger Bank, Moros Prietos, Golden Gate, Migriño


BEST LURES; Tigrillo, feathers, squid colors, cedar plugs, petrolero, red/black, blue/white, green/black, green/yellow, guacamaya (orange/green/yellow). For live bait was caballito and mullet.

Based on the catches of Ale Almada in Tracy’s absence.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fish Report August 20th

- Paul Robinson, Karmina Mijica & Adam Weber from Los Angeles, CA released three striped marlin, caught five dorado (15 to 35 lbs) and five yellow fin tuna (10 to 20 lbs) aboard “Andrea”

- Brad Boyd, Daryl Allison from Lubbock, TX & Trent Allison from South Lake, TX caught six nice dorado between 35 to 40 lbs aboard “La Brisa”

- Robert Lindquist & Lindsay Dralle from Washington DC released three striped marlin and kept three yellow fin tuna (15 to 35 lbs) and three dorado (35 to 40 lbs) aboard “Rebecca”

- Santiago Granados and friends went fishing for half day aboard “Ruthless” and caught a 40 lbs wahoo and three dorado (20 to 30 lbs)

- Luis Perez and family from Miami, FL released one striped marlin and caught three dorado (15 to 30 lbs) aboard “Great Escape Jr”

- Mike and Michelle Fennegan from Horlington, Texas and friends caught a nice 40 lbs wahoo and four dorado (35 to 40 lbs) aboard “Yahoo”

All the vessels went to the Pacific side by Gaspareño, Golden Gate and Elias Calles spots

Pisces Boats In The Early Morning, Waiting For Guests To Arrive...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mike and Ginger 10th Wedding Anniversary..

Mike and Ginger Slover celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a memorable fishing trip.

They had reservation on a different vessel, the day before and had a few problems, so they switched to the 38ft Blackfin“C-Rod” with Captain Abel .

They started early in the morning, everything was pretty quite when one of the reels started zinging and the line began disappearing really fast as the captain screamed “hook up, hook up!” as a huge exploding out of the water 150 feet from the vessel.

Mike jumping into the fighting chair and started pumping the fish; the line was disappearing so fast from the reel, that captain Abel started back down on the fish, to give the angler a hand.

To make a long story short, they had the fish to the boat, five times, with the mate taking a hold of the leader….but the fish was strong and a fine opponent. The fish had taken a live bait on 40 lb test at 1.00pm, finally after five hours the fish, won, leaping one last time and snapping the line. It was hard to judge the exact size of the fish, but it was close to 800 lbs….but that’s not all….while Mike was working on his marlin, wife Ginger brought in a 120 lb pilot shark in just ten minutes. Both fish were caught 8 miles out from La Playita.

Please find below some pictures of their exciting trip.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kearns Family

We received some nice pictures from the Kearns family from Shropshire, England

They fished aboard “Rebecca” for three days

August 11th they caught six Dorado (35 lbs) with lures; August 14th they released a blue marlin and a striped marlin on the 11:50 Spot

Today was their last fishing day and they could not do better, as they released five striped marlin at Gaspareño by the Pacific side

Below are the pictures from one of their trips aboard “Rebecca”, father and son released one striped marlin and a blue marlin (approx. weight 250 lbs) respectively at the 11:50 Spot

Fishing news

August 16th:

Pictured below is Dean, Lerone, Alexandra and Andrew Hutchins from Saudi Arabia with their 40 lbs Wahoo caught aboard "Valerie" with Captain Roberto Sandez and deckhands Salvador and Ernesto, who by the way are great with kids!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Latest Fish Report

Pisces Fish Report

August 5th to 11th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 94%

BILLFISH: Hot weather, usually produces hot fishing and that is exactly what we had this week. Blue, black, striped marlin and sailfish were all present. It’s hard to know where to start as there was so much good fishing this week, so I guess we’ll do it by date. The week started off with a bang when the biggest fish of the week was caught, a black marlin estimated between 600 and 700 lbs caught at Punta Gorda aboard “Shambala”; the anglers two young guys from Los Angeles, had a double hook up on yellow fin tuna, which they had targeted with 40 lb test, one of the fish got off and the other was snatched up by the large marlin. It took almost two hours to bring to the boat before being successfully released. August 5th “Ruthless” released a blue marlin just under 250 lbs at Punta Gorda after it took a blue and black lure for the Leonard & Wendy Hawkins from Brooklyn, Michigan, they also had a 20 lb dorado. This same day “Andrea” fished closer to Cabo and released four striped marlin, on a combination of lures and bait for the Berkman’s from Houston, Texas. Next day out “Andrea” again did well to release a 350 lb blue and a 120 lb striped marlin at the Cabrillo Sea Mount for a group from Paso Robles, Ca. “Andrea” (top boat overall this week) went on to release both a blue and striped marlin on August 7th at the 11.50 spot for Amber Jesic & Dexter Carpenter; petrolero lure for the blue and a live caballito for the striper. “Andale” had a busy day on the 8th for a group from Harper Texas, including Scott Brown & the Doyle family; they released a striped marlin and a sailfish then went on to catch twelve tuna and three dorado. This same day “Bill Collector” had an outstanding day at the Gordo Banks with a 400 lb black marlin released, three tuna, two dorado & a 60 lb wahoo; doesn’t get much better than that. “No Big Deal” released a smallish blue for John Matthews from Columbia, South Carolina, eight miles from Palmilla on the 10th and “Falcon” fished a completely different location on the 11th nineteen miles out from the arch and caught both a blue & striped marlin for David & Roxana Bednar from St. Charles, Iowa. Johnny Mack Powers along with wife Stacey, took their 13 & 15 year old granddaughters out on “Shambala” where they did exceptionally well to reel in a 250 lb blue marlin, which they released, plus eight tuna; well done Molley & Presley…These were just some of the highlights and there were plenty more double marlin days, plus small game. We did have a couple of boats “skunked”, but even these saw fish, but just couldn’t get them to bite. Sixty nine percent of our charters caught billfish giving us a total of 32 striped marlin, 9 blue marlin, 2 black marlin & 2 sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES: Billfish weren’t the only game in town, dorado and tuna catches were brisk also. Fifty three percent of boats caught between one and eleven dorado giving us a total of 82 fish overall. “Andrea” had the most dorado, eleven, caught at the Golden Gate bank, on the Pacific but the fish on this side tended to be smaller. We saw an increase in size of fish on the Cortez side with the average weight around 30 to 35 lbs and “Ruthless” had two 50 & 55 lbs for Jim and Cynthia Hamner from Rockland, Ca. Dorado were hungry and took lures, live sardines & caballito. Thirty one percent of boats caught yellow fin tuna giving us a total of 72 fish, with main locations near Punta Gorda on the Cortez and Golden Gate on the Pacific, like the dorado the Pacific fish were smaller 10 to 15 lbs and on the Cortez they were 20 to 35 lbs, with the one exception a 100 lb fish, aboard “Andrea” for Jim & Cynthia Hamner from Texas, also mentioned above; these anglers did well all week being our top dorado catchers and they also released two hammerhead sharks. An example of a great mixed day would be “Rebecca” on August 10th with two striped marlin released, six dorado up to 55 lbs, two yellow fin tuna, a 38 lb wahoo and an 80 lb pilot shark released and that was with just two anglers Amanda Kacal & Kurt Sanders from Katy, Texas on board…..they must have been exhausted. The only other fish caught were a few roosters.

LOCATION: 95 spot, 11.50 spot, Punta Gorda, Golden Gate, 8 miles off Palmilla, Cabrillo.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: We had a couple of baking hot days, even on the Pacific but the breezes are back, Sea of Cortez is warmer, clear skies, sunny, seas calm, now a bit rough on the Pacific as the breeze returns.

AVERAGE WATER TEMP: 77 on the Pacific to 83 F on the Cortez.

BEST LURES: Live bait, red/black, blue/black, guacamaya, cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Christopher and Frank Gialketsis with a 45 lbs Dorado aboard "Cabolero"

Friday, August 13, 2010

August 11th, 2010

Molley 13 , and Presley 15 Lisner were congradgulated by they're grandparents J. M. and Stacey Powers as they joined the 250 lb Blue Marlin Club. The catch and release of this monster was not easy, BUT with a little sister team work they did it!!! Altogether they caught 8 tuna weighing in up to 35 lbs! On none other than the Shamballa, with Captian TJ and Captain Steve. We can't wait to get back to Texas and tell fish stories, and we don't have to add to this storey. Until next year we will be back.

J.M Powers
Rockwall, Texas

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today Fish Report

- Amanda Kacal & Kurt Sanders from Katy,TX released two striped marlin and one pilot shark, caught six dorado between 30 to 55 Lbs, two yellow fin tuna (18 lbs), one wahoo (38 lbs) aboard "Rebecca" -- Top Anglers of the Day, good job !!

- Christopher Gialketsis form Huntington Beach, CA released one striped marlin, one wahoo (35 lbs) and two dorado (20 to 30 Lbs) aboard "Cabolero"

- Kristin Cushenbery from Jacksonville, Fl released one blue marlin and caught two yellow fin tuna (12 lbs) aboard "Tracy Ann"

-Tommy Curtner caught nine dorado (12 to 40 lbs) and four yellow fin tuna (12 lbs) aboard "La Brisa"

- Jim and Cynthia Hamner from California released two hammerhead sharks and caught eleven dorado (15 to 30 lbs) aboard "Andrea"

- Samycia family from Edmonton, Canada caught one striped marlin and three dorado (20 to 24 lbs) aboard "C-Rod"

- John Matthews from Columbia, SC caught one blue marlin aboard "No Big Deal"

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Latest Fish Report

Pisces Fish Report

July 29th to August 4th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 90%

BILLFISH: What was a really nice surprise this week was the amount of blue marlin in the area, with several large fish reported as fought and lost and many others released, as well as some being boated. The last day of this report was the best with “Attitude Adjustment” releasing a blue marlin at Punta Gorda that took a black and red lure for Blake Bailey and party from, Texas. “Rebecca” had Scott Mobey from Cedar Creek, Texas on board with friends Josh Issac & Shane Haynes, also from Texas, they did really well to get two billfish, a striped marlin released and a 350 lb blue marlin; both were caught on blue and white lures at the Cabrillo Sea Mount. “Ruthless” also had a blue marlin, close to 250 lbs, which they released just below Punta Gorda as well as boating three tuna and a dorado for the Medhurst family from Naperville, Illinois. “Ruthless” had a slightly smaller blue earlier in the week for the Seiferts from Rockwall, Tx. “ Valerie” had an active day on July 31st for Tyler & Ryan Newsome, Carl & Adam Riley, all from Galveston, Tx, they caught a blue marlin estimated a little over 200 lbs and then boated ten yellow fin tuna in the 18 to 25 lb class, straight out from Cerro Blanco (maybe this should be called the Texas anglers report….people from this state tend to be very lucky when it comes to fishing). “La Brisa” was our only boat with a double striped marlin day at the 95 spot, plus a dorado for the Hartmeier’s from Kennewick, WA. Basically this week we did not see as many striped marlin, maybe because the water is warming up, but we did see more blue marlin. Bait has been scarce in the Cabo area, though it is still being supplied. The bait vendors are buying it in San Jose and bringing it to Cabo as they have not been able to catch bait on this end. Thirty four percent of charters caught billfish this week, consisting of six blue marlin and six striped marlin.

OTHER SPECIES: Yellow fin tuna were the top catch this week with sixty five percent of boats catching from one to thirteen in a day. Most were school size fish around 20 lbs but we did also have hook ups on large fish, with one reported as lost close to 200 lbs. Dorado catches were also pretty good with forty one percent of boats catching from one to three fish. The largest this week was aboard “Valerie” caught by Christa Gray from Brooklyn, New York…the fish took a pink lure and weighed 45 lbs. This same boat had the only wahoo of the week a 50 lb’er at the 11.50 spot for Chic McSherry from Scotland; they also boated a small tuna and lost a blue marlin. The only other small game for us this week was a few skipjack.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: We had a couple of really hot days on the Pacific but the cooler breezes are back. Seas are calm, skies are blue …..it was so flat one day, one of our boats reported spotting twenty sea turtles…never heard of..plus a gray whale in the bay.

LOCATION: Sea of Cortez, 95 spot, 11.50 spot, Cerro Blanco, Punta Gorda, Cabrillo sea mount.


BEST LURES; Squid colors, cedar plugs, petrolero, blue/white, green/black, green/yellow, pink blue, guacamaya (orange/green/yellow).

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Huge Black Marlin Released Today

Thirty something Justin from Los Angeles got the surprise of his life today, out at the Gordo Banks fishing, aboard our latest addition to the fleet, “Shambala” a 60 ft Hatteras, captained by renowned local Captain T.J Dobson; he and his buddy got a double hook up on school size tuna…which is exactly what the plan had been at the start of the day. Justin’s friend lost his tuna after a short battle, but a huge black marlin appeared out of the depths and grabbed Justin’s tuna; then ensued a battle which lasted almost three hours, before the monster fish came to the boat. Justin and crew kindly released this beautiful fish estimated between 600 and 700 lbs. The fight may have been shorter if they were targeting big marlin, but they had been after tuna, which is why they were using 40 lbs test.

Anyway, a happy ending for everybody.

Summer is in mid-swing and school is out…..so what to do with all that energy, why bring them to Cabo of course for a fishing trip….this is exactly what these families did and see what a fantastic time they had. Shown here are:

- Juan Garduño with his three kids; Ian (11 years old), Stefan (8 years old) and Gillian (6 years old) went fishing for half day with a catch of two dorado aboard “La Brisa”

- Paul Turnbull from Corpus Christi, TX and friends released one striped marlin and caught a 35 lbs dorado aboard “Attitude Adjustment”

- The Hawkins family from Michigan released a blue marlin and caught three dorado aboard “Ruthless”

- Mike, Beth, Alex and Ben Falcone from Baltimore, Maryland released two striped marlin aboard “Falcon”

- Glenn, Scott and Chad Berkman form Houston, TX where the anglers of the day with a total of four striped marlin released aboard “Andrea”

Friday, August 06, 2010

Fishing news

August 3rd

- Bob, Morgan and Tyler Beggs and friends from Charlotte, NC caught ten yellow fin tuna and two dorado aboard "Bill Collector"

- Pellegrin family from Arlington, TN released one striped marlin and caught one yellow fin tuna aboard "Rebecca"

- Arthur and Sally Carter and friends from Rockwall, TX caught a 200 lbs blue marlin aboard "Ruthless" with Captain Leon Camacho

- Patrick Page from Brooklyn, NY caught a 45 lbs dorado aboard "Valerie"

August 4th

- Lavona Kuh from Amarillo, TX released one blue marlin aboard "Attitude Adjustment"

- Wayne Lin and friends from Seattle,WA released one striped marlin and caught three yellow fin tuna aboard "La Brisa"

- Scott Mobley, Josh Isaac and Shane Haynes from Texas caught a 350 lbs blue marlin and released a striped marlin aboard "Rebecca"

- Charles, Trudy, Chris and Erik Medhurst from Naperville, IL released one blue marlin and caught three yellow fin tuna and a 35lbs dorado


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bisbee Tournament East Cape Offshore Final Standings

July 31st , 2010

56 teams, $304,335.00

108 Billfish Released: 2 black, 33 blue, 64 striped marlin, 9 sailfish

9 dorado & 7 yellowfin tuna have been weighed


Dreamweaver - Tom Lansing - 581 lb. black marlin / $18,345.60

Cowboy VII - J.V. Lattimore - 441 lb. blue marlin / $6,350.40

Cowboy VII - Vic Lattimore - 377 lb. blue marlin / $3,528.00


Incognito - Randy Hinton - 55.8 lbs. / $9,408.00


Mi Sueno - Alan Martin - 151.8 lbs. / $9,408.00


Don Valerio - 1700 points

Sea Fevers - 1600 points

Cabo Magic - 1000 points (on time)


Marlin: Dreamweaver - $64,515.00 (581.0 lbs. / Tom Lansing)

Dorado: Dottie B II - $10,625.00 (50.8 lbs. / Togo Hazard)

Tuna: Zhao - $10,625.00 (128.0 lbs. / Donald Whittier)


Marlin: La Negra - $64,515.00 (366.0 lbs. /Ricardo Bernal)

Dorado: Condor - $10,625.00 (45.8 lbs. / Alonso Aspe Franco)

Tuna: Zhao - $10,625.00 (106.7 lbs. / Donald Whittier)


Marlin: Cowboy VII - $64,515.00 (441.0 lbs. / J.V. Lattimore)

Dorado: Dream Weaver - $10,625.00 (52.3 lbs. / Tom Lansing)

Tuna: Zhao - $10,625.00 (120.4 lbs. / Donald Whittier)