Sunday, June 13, 2010


June 3rd to 9th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 90%

BILLFISH: We saw a very nice increase on marlin catches this week, making them the number one catch in Cabo this report. Nevertheless, anglers were noticeably absent from Cabo, so very few boats went out. This is a shame as the fishing is now back, after six pretty much dry, marlin months. Top boat for us this week was “Tracy Ann” with four striped marlin released plus one tuna boated on June 7th, all caught close by, just two miles out from Chileno by Scarlett and Lee Gibson fishing with Brent Stiehl all from Newman, Georgia. Another boat that did well was “Ruthless” with two marlin released, this time a long way off at Destiladeres on June 4th; both marlin took live caballito for Robert Kleypas and Gaylon Freeman, from Texas. This same day Duncan Giddings celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary with wife Linda by fishing aboard “Rebecca”, they were thrilled to release a striped marlin (see photo, that’s Duncan embracing his marlin) and to boat one dorado, which were scarce this week. “La Brisa” had a double marlin day on the 9th for Nicolas Kokinelis and Chris Vasiliou from Tarpon Springs, Florida and Bethesda, Maryland, respectively; they fished just one mile from Cerro Blanco with the marlin taking live mackerel, they also caught a jack crevalle. The boat with most variety this week was “Valerie” on June 8th, with one striped marlin released, two wahoo and one tuna boated for a group of fathers and sons consisting of Richard Kernion, Sr. and Jr from Matarie, Louisiana fishing with friends, Luke Manfre, John & Brandon Brignac, David and Pierce McBride. Sixty one percent of charters caught marlin this week, all stripers. Pisces anglers caught a total of 18 marlin, with 16 released. Those boated were 100 and 130 lbs.

OTHER SPECIES: Not a great deal of action on smaller game this week as marlin dominated the catches. As mentioned above there were two wahoo on the Valerie, quite nice sizes at 40 and 50 lbs each that took blue and while colored lures. There was one other wahoo, a bit smaller at 30 lbs caught aboard “Rebecca” taken by Duncan and Linda Giddens, mentioned above, from Lighthouse Point, Florida who also got their second dorado. Yellowfin tuna catches were sporadic with twenty two percent of boats catching football size fish in the 10 to 20 lb class. The most any boat caught was four, “La Brisa”; this was for Nick Kokinelis & Chris Vasilion who also released a striped marlin this day, June 8th. Just a few jack crevalle around, otherwise, no other small game for us.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Skies clear, seas moderate tending to rough the days the wind blew. The Sea of Cortez was much calmer than the Pacific which experienced cold and windy days, with whitecaps and fog on some mornings.

LOCATION: Chileno, Cerro Blanco, Santa Maria, Destiladeras.

AVERAGE WATER TEMP: Depending on where you fished, it ranged from 77 to 81 F.

BEST LURES: Live bait for marlin, cedar plugs for tuna, green/yellow, blue/white.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg