Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hurricane Rick Update #1

Sunday, October 18th, 2009 4.23 pm

We have begun to get phone calls from alarmed clients concerned about what is on the news in regard to Hurricane Rick. At this moment in time we say it is too early to tell. Right now it is stifling, hot, humid weather. Seas were dead calm this morning but we now have big waves, some crashing half way up the arch, but the port is open and boats are fishing. The storm is currently about 500 miles from Cabo and has weakened slightly, it still very strong, with winds of 160 mph, making it a category 5. It is moving towards the WNW at 14 mph, the forecast track has is passing over Cabo late Tuesday night....BUT neither a hurricane watch or warning has been called for as of yet. The hurricane is expected to weaken further as it approachs land but it must be monitored closely. Pisces will make a decision tomorrow as to whether we pull our boats our or not, that is all of trailerable size, up to 31 feet. We will keep a very close eye on this and update the blog regularly.
Tracy Ehrenberg