Saturday, August 06, 2011

PISCES FISH REPORT July 30th to August 5th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 83%

BILLFISH: This week we kept receiving calls from concerned clients about a new storm they saw on the news, however, no sign of rain in Cabo, Thursday was a bit cloudy but no rain at all. The billfish count went up this week with almost 52% of the charters coming back with blue flags. We had an amazing start, the “Tracy Ann” released one Blue marlin estimated at 250lbs and landed two yellow fin tuna for Larry Hemingway from Kingwood TX. Later on the week the “Rebecca” caught a 300lbs Blue for Rick Walsh from Ohio and the next day, the “Adriana” caught a 220lbs Blue marlin for our friend Edward John Friesen from British Columbia, Canada. On August 3rd the “Great Escape” released one Striped Marlin , one Sailfish and landed 8 Dorados for Allison Baumgarten from Dellaire, TX. “Tracy Ann “ released 3 stripeys on the 5th for Jillian Rifkin and Chanel Boyd from Los Angeles CA, same day “Ruthless” released 2 striped marlin for our good friend Dr. Jorge Garcia from Chicago IL, “Adriana” released one sailfish and one striped marlin for Kirk & Kristina Erickson from San Jose CA. A total of 23 Billfish were caught, 19 were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Small game catches dropped a little bit this week, 56% of the boats caught Dorado but only 20% of them caught yellow fin tuna. Dorado is scattered all around from Destiladeras on the Sea of Cortes to Elias Calles on the Pacific side. Average catch of Dorado was of 4 fish per boat although “Ruthless” caught 10 of them for Peter Beatle from Tauranga, New Zeland. On July 30th “La Brisa” caught 6 dorados and a 45lbs Wahoo for Lance Lerud from Great Falls, MT.

Megan Platt's party  with a 50 lb Bull Dorado.
Caught aboard the "Great Escape" 

LOCATION: Sea of Cortes; Destiladeras, Chileno Bay, Herradura, on the Pacific at Los Arcos, 
Golden Gate, Elias Calles.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Hot and sunny except for Thursday with 6 hours of clouds.


BEST LURES: Purple lures, live bait, cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg & Jorge Narro