Tuesday, October 09, 2012

768 lb Black Marlin Caught in Cabo!

David Cesena, an eighteen year old local boy, from Cabo, must have what is known as beginners luck; he hauled in a 768 lb black marlin this past Saturday aboard the 60 ft Hatteras "Bad Company". Captain Steve Lassley, spoke with us today and said "We were fishing on the Cortez side, pulling baits, when we got hit by something. For ten minutes we had no idea what was on our line. We didn't know if it was a tuna, a marlin or what, until it jumped. Then we knew we had a big fish."
They were out practicing for the upcoming tournaments and young David, was invited along at the last minute, as the owner was unable to make it and extra bodies were needed, never mind that he had no experience.
Captain Steve, was not giving any secrets away so kept the details general and with good reason, he has won the Bisbee Black & blue twice; first in 2000 with a 500 lb black marlin and then in 2006, with two blues that weighed 366 lbs & 422 lbs respectively. He did tell us that he was using 130 lb line and that the fish took two hours to bring to the boat, he added "We really don't like to kill fish, this one was 30 or 40 feet down, when it went belly up. It was done, the fish and the kid, were done - that will be something he never forgets". Fast forward 18 days from now and that fish could very easily have earned them some serious cash.