Thursday, November 01, 2012

Rare Fish Surfaces in Cabo

We have not seen one of these strange fish in twenty two years and back in those days we were baffled having no idea what it was, but described it as "having a dorado shape head, tuna type body, wahoo tail and snapper color". Now we know that this fish is a louvar or Luvaras Imperialis. Not much is known about this elusive fish and it is rarely seen by humans and it is extremely rare to see a live specimen, as this one was.  Captain Josue Moreno, a twenty year old native of Cabo San Lucas and captain of the 28 ft cruiser Marina, left the dock this morning with some tourists he had signed up for a half day of fishing. They headed out to the Pacific in hopes of catching some dorado and were six miles off of the Old Lighthouse, when they spotted something big on the surface of the water "I thought it was a red snapper or a tuna" he told us, "so we went over to investigate and saw this really weird fish, like something we had never seen before. It was still alive, but almost dead, struggling to breathe. So we gaffed it and had a really hard time getting it on to the swimstep. The tourists on board were amazed and kept asking us what it was, but we had no idea".  Once secured on the back of the boat, they carried on fishing and picked up a few doardo before heading back to the marina at 11.30. The fillet guys knew what it was; they remembered the one from years ago and wrote up the photo board with the correct name for the captain to get his picture. After doing a bit of reseach we see that his 300 lb specimen is about as big as they get and learned that the flesh is delicious being compared to halibut and even swordfish. This species spends its entire life in the open ocean with jellyfish being its main diet.


Weird Color of Winning Boat

Does this boat stand out like a sore thumb? You bet it does, but the smirks stopped when Frantic Pace, shown below swept the scoreboard and pocketed $2,396,800.00 dollars in the Bisbee Black and Blue. Exactly a week ago these guys were ecstatic, weighing in the only qualifier. Now that color, was it a factor in the catch? Seems to me, the boat could have appeared as one giant lure to the fish.

Dorado Time In Cabo

Dorado catches are oustanding in Cabo right now, with close to ninety percent of our boats catching between four an fifteen fish each, with weights ranging from 15 to 30 lbs.  This group looks really happy and why not? They are in Cabo, the weather is great and they have plenty of fillets to take home after fishing aboard Pisces 28 ft Adriana. Shown here are Cragi Lebry from San Diego, Pam & Gary Sheveland & Sonia Huggins from Cabo San Lucas.