Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Love This Photo

Why do we love  it? The looks on the anglers faces, happy, really happy and who wouldn't be happy with those two huge, beautiful dorado - one of the best eating fish in the ocean.
 Shown here are Andrew Tetlew & Jason Furrow, from Phoenix, Arizona along with Brent Skonick & Bill Iverson from Issaquah, Washington and of course famous captain Julio Castro (far left) and his son Abram who went out a...s deckhand. These guys released four striped marlin and caught four dorado, with the two largest ones shown here. What a fantastic day! You know summer is actually one of the best times to be fishing in Cabo, there is such a variety of fish available.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Great Numbers This Week

JUNE 15th to 21st, 2013

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 98%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 97%, Dorado 11%, Small Game 11%
BILLFISH: The Cabo legend continues, at this moment in time we are living up to our name of Marlin Capital of the World – with a near perfect catch rate on striped marlin for every boat. The reason it was not perfect was not due to the fish or crews, but rather on some anglers that got sea-sick and asked to come back and to another group that opted to fish a half day against our recommendation. At one stage this week, we had boats routinely releasing four or more marlin, plus sailfish and dorado. Top on day total was for Jens Laub and Michelle Saitiro from Germany, who released eleven striped marlin on June 16th aboard Pisces Tracy An at Punta Gorda – this couple ended up with a total of twenty three marlin for three days fishing with us – pretty impressive.  Next day out we had two high scoring boats lead by Pisces Valerie with ten marlin released  by Lori Jaffe, Michael Young and Jameson Eckhardt, a little close at the 11.50 spot aboard Pisces Valerie. Not far behind this day was Pisces Rebecca with nine marlin between 100 and 140 lbs released plus a dorado in the Punta Gorda area for Christian Sprich, Todd Matousheik and Sung Han from St. Louis Missouri. This same day saw Great Escape Jr release six on live caballito for Bill & Lisa Hart, Ernest & Michelle Valle, from Texas who also boated a nice 45 lb dorado that took a red and black lure. On June 20th Pisces Bill Collector was the top marlin boat with eight released up to 130 lbs for Roland Boney, Sr. and Jr. from Jacksonville Florida who fished with live bait at Chileno and off of San Jose.  We had several notable catches this same day such as Pisces Valerie with six marlin plus five dorado for the Mills family from McKinney, Texas. Pisces La Brisa had a fabulous day with three striped marlin, two sailfish and two dorado, the larger of which weighed 50 lbs, for Randolph & Linda Marceau fishing with John & Christie Hinkebeinfrom San Antonio, Texas. This same day Rebecca caught five striped marlin and two sailfish at Destialderas for Duane Davis who is from you guessed it…..Texas (Dallas). Pisces Cabolero is worthy of mention,for releasing six marlin for Bryan Humphrey and friends from Orange County, California. As we close this report we have a big moon which may slow fishing  little, however, the last two full moons did not show a negative effect on fishing. Pisces anglers caught a total of 194 striped marlin and 10 sailfish this week – all but four marlin were released.
OTHER SPECIES:  With the marlin fishing so good boats concentrated on getting anglers hooked up to big game and other catches were not that common. That said we did see an increase on dorado catches with some boats managing to boat five in the 20 to 50 lb class. The dorado were found when looking for marlin, trolling the grounds  where marlin were with lures.  Eleven percent of our vessels caught dorado this week. Roosterfish catches remained steady but we caught more inshore at Punta Gorda, as bonus catches for boats that ran that way looking for marlin, than on the Pacific which remains considerably cooler. Just one small stray yellow fin tuna was caught as well as a few sierra and jack crevalle along with some nice sized yellow tail. Two nice wahoo were taken in the 30 to 50 lb class.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear skies, sunny, seas were up and down, calm some days and on the rough side others, when wind came down from the Pacific.
LOCATION:  Cortez side, fishing was as close as Chileno on some days and as far away as Destiladeras on others. Punta Gorda overall was the best spot.
BEST LURES: Live caballito, frozen ballyhoo, red and black, green lures.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yellow Tail in June?

So does anybody have any idea of why we are still catching yellow tail so late in the year? Who knows, but no complaints here - look at these two beauties caught aboard Pisces Attitude Adjustment. These are one of the best eating fish around. Congratulation Captain Edgar (shown on right).

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Probably Our Most Loyal Client

Probably our most loyal client.....Creighton Lawhead has been fishing with Pisces almost since we began - since we were all young and had no gray hair and since many of the crews were skinny and single. This is what Creighton had to say after his last trip about fishing with us “I have been blessed to have had the opportunity over the past 30 years to fish the waters off of Cabo (both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez) and have caught and released 2 sailfish, one black marlin, one blue marlin and 87 striped marlin, and have caught numerous dorado, tuna and a couple wahoo. I have fished exclusively with Pisces and will continue to do so for as long as I can hold a rod and bring a fish to leader. I have fished with Capt. Julio Castro for the past 28 years and consider him a friend. I marvel at his demonstrated ability to consistently, time after time, find fish. On May 29th of this year, while aboard the Tracy Ann, I caught and released 4 striped marlin and caught a dorado (which family and friends enjoyed that evening for dinner), and my brother Kimber (from Wheeling, WV) also caught and released 4 striped marlin and caught a large bull dorado. Eight striped marlin and two dorado – this was the best day I have ever experienced sportfishing! Thanks Pisces and Julio (and Martin Sr. and Jr.) for making May 29th a day my brother and I will always remember.” THANK YOU CREIGHTON - we will be awarding you two days free fishing next time you come down, as a small thank you for all the years.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are We Having a Repeat of November 2008?

Are we having a repeat of November 2008? Maybe too early to tell but the marlin fishing is red hot. Yesterday Pisces caught 46 striped marlin, with the top boat Pisces Valerie with ten caught. Not only that but there are other large gamefish out there. Pisces Listo released four striped marlin but also got a 48 lb dorado and 30 lb wahoo for Matthew & Monica Demonte from New York.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fishing Goes Crazy In Cabo

Fishing's Gone Crazy In Cabo! The are moving back this way in big numbers. Jens Laub & Michelle Satiro from Mulheim Karlich, Germany had an INCREDIBLE day releasing ELEVEN striped marlin aboard Tracy Ann. Fish were from 100 to 150 lbs and were caught at Punta Gorda on live bait.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Latest Fish Report

June 8th to 14th, 2013
Overall Catch Success Rate All Species 72%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 72%, Dorado 4%, Small Game 26%

BILLFISH: This week we saw quite a drop on billfish catches, but this was a case of them moving beyond the regular reach of day charter boats, rather than them not biting. When studying the sea surface temperatures it was pretty evident that that the fish had moved up to the East Cape beyond the range of charters leaving out of Cabo, nevertheless there were still some strays off of Punta Gorda and Destiladeras; in fact the week started out with steady catches of one and two marlin each, before turning into three days where even our top marlin boats got “skunked”. Thankfully as the week drew to a close we again started to see some fabulous catches as the fish moved back into the Los Cabos area resulting in an outstanding day for Pisces La Brisa, who released eight marlin for Rob Young & Amber Brabham, from Austin, Texas, fishing with Andrew Liu and Amy Sly from Seattle; Amber was also very fortunate to catch a 45 lb wahoo. A combination of live caballito and frozen ballyhoo did the trick for the marlin, whilst the wahoo took a green and yellow lure. This same day saw Pisces Rebecca release five striped marlin between 100 and 130 lbs. for Svendson and friends from Scottsdale, Arizona, off of Destiladeras. Not far behind, also on June 14th, was Pisces Tracy Ann with four marlin released for Amy & Jeremy Ross, from Lufkin, Texas. As we close this report some boats reported double digit marlin catches and one private boat reported released two sailfish as well as five marlin. The first boat to break back in the marlin after their three day absence though was Pisces Valerie, with four released on June 13th for Fritz & Clark Weiss, from Houston, Texas. Fifty three percent of Pisces boats caught marling this week, giving us a total of 86 marlin released, all but one released.
Beautiful 50 lb Dorado Caught Aboard Great Escape

OTHER SPECIES:  There was great action on inshore fish and thankfully they could be found at both ends of the spectrum of our fishing grounds, that is off of the Old Lighthouse on the Pacific and off of La Playita in San Jose. When the marlin fishing yielded a blank, there was often time, if the boats were not too far offshore, to try for jack crevalle, yellowtail and roosterfish. Pisces Adriana did very well on roosters, a prized catch for many anglers, for Daniel & Erin Pendarias from Dallas, Texas - releasing seven up to 40 lbs. inshore at Punta Gorda on live bait. This same day Pisces Ruthless released six roosters on live bait at La Playita for Craig Smitham fishing with the Frisby family also from Dallas.  Mike Conger from Norcross, Georgia had plenty of fillets of good eating fish after catching twelve yellowtail up to 25 lbs. on the Pacific side aboard Pisces Cabolero. Catches inshore of jack crevalle were pretty good on fish up to 35 lbs.; a great fight on lighter tackle. Just a few dorado were caught this week; lone fish found when trolling for marlin – Pisces Great Escape Jr had a nice 50 lb. specimen for Tara & Andy Joslyn from Florida, who also released two marlin.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Cold and windy early mornings in Cabo with the fog bank extending down and close to shore from the Pacific, seas moderate to calm. A change was felt midweek when the evening air became warmer.
LOCATION: Marlin on the Cortez side 11.50 spot, Punta Gorda, Destiladeras, inshore La Playita, and Pacific off of Old Lighthouse and the desal plant.
BEST LURES: Live caballito, jurelito, chankleta, frozen ballyhoo.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Marlin Top Catch in Cabo This Week

JUNE 1ST TO 7TH, 2013

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 94%
Numbers At A Glance: Billfish 87%, Dorado 17%, Small Game 5%
Plenty of marlin released this week - here La Brisa shows of her flags with some Texas anglers.

BILLFISH: We were very pleased with the marlin fishing this week as it was so consistent. Boats regularly caught one to three fish in the 100 to 150 lb. class and some occasionally doing even better with four or five. The fishing did move a little further away than last week with the best catches taking place off of San Jose at Punta Gorda. Pisces El Gallo had the best day this week with five marlin released for Carl Jerome and Jose Smith from Iowa; they also boated a 25 lb. dorado. Jon Svendson from Scottsdale, invited Rodolfo Flores from Cabo out to fish with him aboard Pisces Rebecca; they stayed a little closer and headed to the 11.50 spot with live caballito on board for bait,  which did the trick in getting them hooked up to four striped marlin ranging in size from 70 to 150 lbs. A group from Texas consisting of John & Leslie Murphy, William & Amanda Wragge and Barry & Tammy Stefa used several methods aboard Pisces La Brisa to get hooked up to four striped marlin which were successfully released at Punta Gorda. Two of their fish took live caballito, another took a frozen ballyhoo and the final one of the day took a guacamayo lure. Seems like the fish are getting a bit hungrier as they are beginning to take lures; Pisces Ruthless had also had four marlin on June 6th, two took caballito, one a Chiliwillie lure and another a black and red lure,  The Baum family from Calgary fishing with the Frutchey’s. Even four year Beckett Frutchey got to fight one of the marlins. It was nice to see some many kids here fishing with their families this week and to be able to introduce them to big game fishing.  To round out the week of better than average catches was Pisces C Rod  with four marlin released plus a 50 lb dorado boated for Gary Harvey from Commerce, Texas who fished with  Michel Dempsey from Dallas. The marlin catch rate was high at eighty seven percent; nevertheless, there was the odd boat here and there that drew a blank, despite casting bait to the marlin they found. Pisces anglers caught a total of 103 marlin this week of which 101 were released.

Beautiful 50 lb Dorado caught aboard C Rod.
OTHER SPECIES: Seeing as the marlin fishing was so consistent nearly all the boats decided on that option and very few tried for other species. That said, dorado were picked up in the areas that were being trolled for marlin.  The catches were seldom more than a single fish, with the only exception being Listo with three plus two marlin released off of Palmilla for Jeremy Skiver from Newport Beach, California. Just seventeen percent of boats caught dorado. Mark Wallace and friend from Los Angeles opted to fish inshore aboard Pisces Ruthless and had an excellent day with two yellowtail, six skipjacks, a red snapper, grouper, roosterfish and one very odd fish that we are having a hard time identifying. Some claim it is a scorpion fish whilst others say it is a rock fish, check out the photo and let us know your opinion.
SURF FISHING: Wesley had some nice catches of red snapper and yellowtail up to 30 lbs.

WEATHER CONDTIONS: Clear and sunny, seas are rough on the Pacific with a lot of wind but fair on the Cortez side. Still some fog in the early morning.
LOCATION: Punta Gorda, 11.50 spot , Palmilla.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Unusual Fish Caught Aboard Pisces Ruthless

Scorpion or Rock Fish, or something else?
This unusual fish was caught aboard Pisces Ruthless, by Mark Wallace from Los Angeles on June 3rd. Our dockmasters were stumped and asked "what's this called in English" , we are leaning more towards rock fish, but comments are welcome.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Marlin Fishing Is Great In Cabo

May 25th to May 31st, 2013

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 97%
Numbers at a glance: Marlin 81%, Dorado 6.4%, Small Game 27%

BILLFISH: What a fantastic week for striped marlin fishing, truly May is turning out to be one of the best months for marlin. Checking back to 2012 and 2011 we see that this month yielded the highest catches of the year for our most abundant marlin species, that is the striped variety. We had super strong winds pretty much all week, with the Pacific bearing the brunt along with foggy mornings. Whitecaps were present some days on the Cortez side but seeing as the bite had moved to the Punta Gorda area, you just had to ride up the Cortez side a bit to find the smoother water and the marlin. We had steady catches of one or two marlin per boat per day, but some did exceptionally well, happening to be in the right place at the right time, when hungry fish showed up. Pisces Rebecca did very well with six marlin released  for Daniel Croke & Amy Kraufe from Las Vegas on May 28th. Next day out they did even better, this time with nine marlin, between 100 and 120 lbs. released on live caballito for Russell, Chris & Roberto Daniel from Richland, Washington.  Pisces Tracy Ann also had outstanding fishing with eight marlin released on May 29th, plus two dorado boated for long time Julio Castro fan, Creighton Lawhead who was fishing with Kimberley Lawhead from San Diego.  Next day out this same boat released seven stripers up to 140 lbs. for Clay Arnold, Zeina & Michael Allen from El Dorado Hills, CA. Still producing, Tracy Ann followed this with five more marlin on May 31st for Corey and Denise Pardon from Minot, N. Dakota. Pisces Attitude Adjustment and Ruthless both had five marlin in one day for anglers Aimee & Wayne Snoots from Houston and Crosby’s from Texas also. There were a couple of odd boats that could not hook up, which is very disappointing when everybody is catching fish around you, but there are no guarantees in fishing. Eighty one percent of our boats caught marlin this week giving us a total fish count of 163, with just two boated; the rest were released.
The Allen family from El Dorado Hills, Ca. had a great time aboard Tracy Ann releasing a bunch of marlin, even the kids got on in the action.

OTHER SPECIES: It’s all about the inshore fishery right now for catches other than marlin. True a few dorado were picked up, but these were chance catches and only five were caught overall. Boats could head towards the Old Lighthouse, close to Cabo and fish for roosterfish, yellowtail, jack crevalle, amberjack, grouper, skipjack and red snapper or zoom up the coast a little more than an hour away for the big guys. Mark Wallace from Los Angeles fished with friends board Pisces Ruthless and had a fantastic day catching a yellowtail; three groupers, one roosterfish, four skipjacks, a red snapper and two amberjacks – plus they caught three marlin the day before on this same boat. A few small mako sharks were also released.

LOCATION: Punta Gorda, 11.50, Old Lighthouse.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, some whitecaps, smooth up at Punta Gorda.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg