Saturday, May 02, 2009


Adriana and the Pisces Staff,

Virginia Thompson and I, Dave Sharninghouse, want to thank you and your staff for making our first Cabo fishing trip on 4/22/09 a big success! From the sweet rolls at the dock in the morning to the cleaning of our catch on the return, it was a great experience. Speaking of experience, Captain Julia and first mate Ernesto on the TRACY ANN, did an outstanding job of getting us on fish and talking us through the landing of the fish. We ended up with 1 marlin, 2 dorado, and 7 yellow fin tuna. The dinner at Alexander's with our fresh catch was awesome!
When we left the dock Ernesto was great at explaining what to expect and was very professional in his dealings with us. He kept the boat immaculate and neat. I told my friends that you could have eaten off of the floor it was so clean!! Please relay my thanks to the crew of the TRACY ANN and give Fernando a nod too.
Thanks for everything and being more than gracious with all of my inquires. Dave Sharninghouse/Virginia Thompson

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