Monday, August 31, 2009

Hurricane Jimena Update #4

After whitecaps earlier in the day, some rain and a little wind, things are currently dead calm in Cabo at 6.27 pm mountain time. I am at Cabo Falso, the Old Lighthouse, which according to the predictions will be the closest point to the hurricane. There is a barely a puff of wind, no rain and waves are a little bigger and coming in diagonally to the shore. The sun just broke through the clouds. It seems way too quiet for a major hurricane. I just looked at the 6.00 pm advisory from the National Hurricane Center and they have Cabo outlined in red for a hurricane warning, but our tip of the penninsula is shown outside of their cone. What does that mean? From what I understand we will be spared the brunt of the hurricane but will probably get tropical storm force winds and rain. We continue to monitor the hurricane closely, but right now everything is fine. I just helped my son catch over 100 birds in his outdoor aviary, to shut them up in the barn...just in case. We will keep you posted.
Tracy Ehrenberg

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