Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Any guesses on what this is? we don have the answer yet, but as soon as we find out, we'll let you know.

This fish was caught today by Captain Agustin "Guty" Dozal and deckhand Edgar Chong aboard the Minerva IV close to La Herradura, they thought it was a big squid as when they saw the fish, it was red, it looked like it was trying to dive deep but couldn’t make it, so they took it out thinking it was squid.

I looked on the internet under weird fish and rare fish but couldn’t find a match, maybe you guys know what it is.


Mark A Henninger said...

its the shape of a newborn billfish- mutant? see pics here: http://www.tamug.edu/rooker/images/larval_billfish_214px_bd.png

Pisces Sportfishing said...

I dont think its billfish realted though, the thing has legs, and its way to big to be a baby bill, but, please, keep the comments coming.

Anonymous said...

Looks kinda like an angler fish

Mark said...

Yeah- who knows. Thing looks wrong to me. Whats with the eyes? Deep dweller? Should put that thing in some phamaldahide (sp?) and ship it to Scripts or Monterey. Keep me posted- very cool whatever it is. So much for catch and release- ;-) The only thing that matters is: Did it pull hard? New sportfish. A bitch con mosca. It could be the new obsession for East Cape Rooster freaks. Cheers!

chimaera said...

I found this stuff about , im pretty sure it's the same fish that you guys are talking about I think the name is "CHIMAERA"

(there its a link at the bottom..)

(I remember when Miss Baker showed us this one film in class and it had some weird sea animals that live WAY down deep in the ocean and I thought it would be fun to look at a really weird one. This fish is called a Chimaera fish. Their pretty cool because their skeleton is made entirely out of cartilage and live on temperate ocean floors. When scientists find
creatures like these it really makes me wonder what else is down there. Have any ideas? Someday I hope I can discover a species just like scientists do today! Here’s a couple of websites you can go to for more weird sea creatures. Which ones do you think are the coolest?)


Anonymous said...

do a google search for Ratfish. i think that is going to be the most similar looking.

Yachting Central America said...

i think it's billfish.

Unknown said...

That is a ratfish. Very cool.