Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fishing Doesn't Miss a Beat

Boats got back to work today after a couple of down days after the hurricane and reported dead calm seas with water temps a little over 84 F . Tuna fishing was great today, with every boat catching fish between 40 and 120 lbs. Pictured here are father and son, Tony and Steve Clement from Los Gatos and San Luis Obispo Ca. It took them 45 minuntes to pull this beautiful 120 lb yellowfin tuna on 60 lb test line, after it took a blue and white lure off of Las Brechas on the Pacific, aboard "Bill Collector"

Though Cabo was spared, up around Muelege, Santa Rosalia and San Carlos the storm hit hard with devastation reported. Loreto will be without power for at least four days and the river at Mulege surged 6 feet higher than it did with hurricane John.  San Juanico, the popular surf sport also  known as Scorpion Bay was the hardest hit. One death was reported, that of an elderly man who refused to leave his home.

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Tony said...

It was a great day fishing. We probably caught 30 tuna. A couple around 40#'s.