Thursday, September 03, 2009

What Happened to Jimena?

Thursday Sept 3rd 7.00 AM

It's business as usual in Cabo, just one day after we were supposed to be impacted by the strongest hurricane every to reach our part of the world. All I can say is thank God, it did not happen. Local newspapers had headlines like "From Destruction to Benefit" and "Jimena a Real Lady". Damage in Los Cabos was minor, some downed trees, fences and roads washed out in places. The port is open and boats went fishing today.In the early morning hours of yesterday, Jimena did make landfall further up the Pacific coast at San Carlos, sweeping across Ciudad Constitucion also. We had to wait for news to make it out, as there is no power up there,but last night Mexican TV stations, reported no casualties. The electricity pylons that take power from Ciudad Constitucion to Loreto were toppled by the hurricane, which means Loreto is without power and will not have any for at least six days. Five commercial fishing boats were reported as damaged or sunk at San Carlos and two sardine processing plants were severely damaged also. No offical report has been released yet but from what we saw on TV it shows lots of downed trees and electricity poles, structures made from sheet metal and broken glass. The authorities did a great job of preparing, opening shelters, moving the army in ahead of time and closing roads where arroyos run. We will post the official version when we have it.
Tracy Ehrenberg

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~D said...

Thanks for the fabulous updates. We were concerned as we just left Cabo on Saturday, days before Jimena was to hit. The news in the States was bleak and foreboding, so it's good to have sound info from the folks directly in Cabo.